Initially created purely as a meme coin, in the hands of the current team the project rapidly expanded to offer its own unique Community Platform allowing anyone to become a project developer and run the business in a manner that suits their individual style. It enables Moonlips to power towards unlocking its unlimited potential by having its own DeFi platform and gem identification features in pursuit of its long-term goals.

In a world filled with countless meme/shitcoins, we at Moonlips bring you a safe, fair and friendly community driven project on the popular Binance Smart Chain


Most probably, many of you will have noticed hundreds or even thousands of projects claiming themselves to be “community-driven” – Moonlips is not only driven, but LED by the community. Find out more about exciting story behind Moonlips in our Whitepaper.


Buckle up, this is a one way trip to the Moon and beyond…­